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Interview with Hemant Todi from Delta Dental

Hemant Todi’s1 career over the 18 years has shaped him to be a leader in data and analytics, starting with being a data analyst at Capital One Bank to his most recent role as Vice President Analytics …
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Interview with Jay Vakharia from McGrath RentCorp

This week, we speak to Jay Vakharia1, Enterprise Business Intelligence & Analytics Manager at McGrath RentCorp. Jay began his career in web development, starting his career as a multimedia and web …
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How and Why Should Businesses Experiment?

Digital giants such as FAANG—Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google—and Microsoft have found business experimentation to be a game changer for optimizing investments and costs. Across their …
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Four Pillars of a Data Strategy - Part II

In the previous article1 we looked at some of the foundational considerations on the path to being data-driven - specifically, understanding the scope and impact of moving towards a data-driven …
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Four Pillars of a Data Strategy - Part I

While this may sound obvious, true success largely depends on the quality of planning, implementation and execution that goes into creating a strategic plan. This remains true whether you are baking a …
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Why Every Organization Needs A Data Strategy

In the 21st century, data is the fuel for every kind of revenue engine. The good news is that an overwhelming majority of companies are recognizing this fact: over 90% of executives reported in a …