Produce Business Outcomes that Drive Effectiveness, Efficiency and Profitability

Move faster and grow the business efficiency by integrating data-driven decisions into day-to-day operations and optimizing them with intelligent and easy-to-use analytics.

About Outcomes

Make your data work for you.

Master your business outcomes.

For most business, up to 75% of important insights and outcomes can be delivered with the data they already have. Nevertheless, the majority of them - 9 out of 10 - underutilize their data and do not fully benefit from those insights and outcomes.

We help our clients to use their existing data and derive the right insights to produce game-changing outcomes - be it utilizing advanced analytics to drive additional revenue and boost the business impact, or the efficiency of operations, or creating visibility and infrastructure to monitor important metrics and KPIs - or anything else.

Whenever your existing data becomes a limitation for delivering additional insights and producing new outcomes, we help to identify the limitations and come up with the concrete plan to bridge it - in the best way possible.

Our Recipe

Turn Your Existing Data Assets Into
Strategic Information

DataMatrix uses advanced analytics approaches to help achieve your outcomes
by supporting, managing, and scaling your operations.

Autonomous KPI Monitoring

We collect and monitor your data both in real-time and batch and notify you of important moments of unexpected or dramatic change. Begin to understand what is truly impacting your business, and make strategic data-driven decisions today.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Use analytics to monitor customer acquisition and retention and predict churn. Streamline the customer journey and implement means to boost retention and hence increase the lifetime value.

Impactful Operations Analytics

Help business users make impactful data-driven decisions by enabling low-latency operational support by utilizing forecasting, business planning, alerting, deep-dive analysis and other means.

Scalable Growth Strategies

Use advanced analytics to determine optimal growth directions and strategies, based on the analysis of performance by regions, product, channels, applications and other relevant attributes.

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