Drive Informed and Timely Decision Making ...

... across your business to effectively manage and streamline your operational processes through our contextual insights.

About Analytics

Accelerate your business with analytics

We help you drive impactful real-time decisions to achieve steady growth and increased profitability while reducing costs.

Making good data-driven decisions are often stymied by limited access to good quality data, reliable infrastructure and knowledge.

Business Operations teams are constantly facing a multitude of operations quations - be it forecasting and business planning, performance analysis by channels, regions, verticals, product and other attributes, dynamic customer segmentation and understanding of customer feedback and performance by segments - and many more.

We deploy state-of-the art solutions (including ML- and AI-based) at scale to analyze your data and monitor your KPIs to detect and alert you on important changes as they happen to allow you to take timely actions.

Our Focus Area

We help you streamline your operations utilizing insights from your available data

We can also help to determine what additional data infrastructure is needed to bridge gaps in operations analytics and define the best way of doing that, as - with multitude of solutions out there - picking a solution that works for you may be challenging. We help to remove the guesswork and quickly move to true data-driven decision making.

Metric design

Defining and measuring the right metrics - while seemingly easy - is quite hard. Most businesses face similar challenges when it comes to metrics and we have solved them dozens of times, addressing marketing attribution, user funnels, process performance, output efficiency, subscription revenue, and much more.

Sales and marketing analytics

Make geniune data-driven decisions based on insights from sales and marketing analytics. Understand performance of sales by channels and other attributes (product, applications, vertical or anything else) and performance of marketing processes and campaigns.

Web and app analytics

Utilize a multitude of web and app analytics metrics (page views, time-on-page, bounce rates and many others), summarized in a way to provide clear, relevant and actionable insights in a user-friendly format.

Augment your analytics team

We support your business, are nimble and take pride in doing that! We can manage your operations analytics after everything is designed and implemented or transfer the management to you when you are ready - it is your call.

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