Understanding Power is Essential

Power of your experiment determines your ability to detect an effect if there is one.

Confirm impact of changes while iterating quickly as well as confirm working assumptions.

About Experimentation

Iterate quickly,
Learn by failing fast!

Adopt experimentation now, for significantly better customer satisfaction, building delightful customer experiences or gaining operational efficiencies. Don’t be left behind by leaders who do.

If you’re looking to be data driven and deliver a better customer experience, you’ve come to the right place. We help our clients use data to build optimal experiences that delight their customers and drive incremental revenue growth.

We have helped companies develop channel agnostic experimentation programs – omni-channel, online and offline.

Validate and improve every step in your customer journey from activation, to onboarding, to conversion.

Experiment throughout your technology stack or on any platform from server-side applications, websites, mobile apps and iOT channels and even communication platforms like SMS, chatbots, and voice assistants. Validate and improve every step in your customer journey from activation, to onboarding, to conversion.

Our Focus Area

Experiments Based on Data Can Easily Augment Managerial Intuition

Measure the quantifiable impact and effectiveness of a feature or service.

Conversion Optimization

We use all forms of experimentation (A/B-testing, Multi-Variate testing, growth-hacking, and other levers to validate ideas and insights.)

Experimentation Strategy Consulting

Prioritize your investments by investing in a successful experimentation & optimization program in driving stakeholder value. We'll help identify key areas for your program and talent.

Stack Modernization & Advisory

Use the right tools to deliver competitive advantage leveraging experimentation, targeting and personalization.

Managed Experimentation Program

Augment your team with professionals to end-to-end management of your experiment execution.

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